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Your Next Best Footwear Supplier

Armed with three decades of experience in footwear manufacturing and exports, Allied brings high quality, clean footwear at excellent prices.

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    About Us    

Started by Mr. Vinod Goyal in 1989, Allied has become one of the major players in the basic and basic fashion footwear category. The factory, located in the heart of the city Agra, India, is built in 22000 sqfeet with 2 production lines with machines imported from Italy. 
Allied has an annual capacity of 335,000 pairs of men's and/or women's footwear.

Working with Allied you can be assured that:
1) Production will be on time,

2) Bulk would be neat, clean, well packaged and of great quality,

3) Sample turn around time will be the fastest,

4) Communication will be fast, efficient and professional.

Allied's existing customers have enjoyed quick turn around time, low MOQs and keen prices. This has lead to customer retention and repeats of orders with new additions.

Come work with Allied and secure a profitable and dependable supply partner.

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The Allied Advantage

Clear and Fast Communication


All comms are handled by Vinay, a graduate from a top university from Delhi. You can expect replies in less than 24 hours or the very next working day.
Fast, efficient and clear.



Dont have very big quantities to buy?

No problem!

We can start with low MOQ in basic colours. 

Fast and Versatile Sampling


We have a dedicated sampling team with in-house designer to create or re-create samples.


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AL3469 Brown A
AL3469 Black A
AL3463 Brown A
AL3467 A
AL3468 A
AL3463 Pink A
AL3462 A
AL3463 A
AL3473 A
AL3459 A
AL3458 Olive A
AL3458 Oil B
AL3456 A
AL3458 Blue A
AL3457 A
AL3455 A
AL3452 A
AL3450 B
AL3426 D
AL3425 C
AL3420 A
AL3417 A
AL3416 A
AL3414 C
AL3410 B
AL3409 D
AL3411 A
AL3408 B
AL3404 A
AL3407 A
AL3406 A
AL3405 A
AL3402 B
AL3371 A
AL3372 A
AL3372 F
AL2548 A
AL2554 A
AL2552 A
AL2546 A
AL2547 A
AL2702 L
AL2683 A
AL2040 D
AL2693 I
AL2546 A
AL2547 A


Allied International

Gali no.1, Khatena Road,

Lohamandi, Agra,

Uttar Pradesh 282002


Success! Message received.

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